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About us 

East Coast Premier Soccer Academy is an organization, which strives to promote the game of soccer and ensure that it is a fun and positive experience for all participants. ECPS offers a variety of opportunities for youth to participate in soccer at all levels of play recreational / developmental / competitive.  We truly believe that there is a place, level and team for every player within the sport.  

ECPS Club Mission Statement

"The philosophy of East Coast Premier Soccer Academy is to create a true professional soccer experience for players and coaches in all clubs and communities.   We base our extensive expertise and focus on the four pillars of the game-  Technical / Tactical / Physical / Physiological- to provide players of all levels the opportunity to develop as athletes and to create and identity of excellence through competition and training."

Club Development Concept

Soccer clubs are rapidly moving into a more professional culture, partly as a result of a growing interest in the world's beautiful game, and also from the desire to improve the development of all participants and to help the club expand.  

 The most effective way for the clubs to develop and improve is to become involved in a planning program and process that sets the club on the path to a better future.  It is also important that this process and plan involve all sections of the club to be effective.

Why Plan With ECPS?

There are many reasons why a club will benefit from our plan such as:

  • The effective use of the club's resources
  • The identification and prioritization of the club's aims and aspirations for the future
  • Recognition of where the club's aims and aspirations for the future
  • Ensuring a professional approach for development and training
  • Demonstrating what the club can offer potential new players/members
  • Demonstrating the club's commitment to the community
  • Providing youth with a pathway for progression

Our Club Development Director focuses on developing entire club plans to provide consistent service levels and progressive structuring of the club program areas to promote and ensure the rapid development of club infrastructure.

ECPS Pathway

Micro program (U4-U7)

In this initial, entry-level stage, young children are introduced to the game and to limited-depth technical development and instruction.  The main focus at this state is to encourage young players to participate in the program, to enjoy soccer, and to continue to play.

All Players would participate in the club's Micro league which focuses on having fun with the ball while playing with others.

All trainers at these age groups are selected for their ability to work with very young children, to foster fun and to teach the basics of the game.  At this early stage, no child is formally assessed in terms of their ability or developmental potential.

Teach me to play 8v8 (U8-U10)

These age groups are the core development years when a child's ability can develop to full potential.  It is the time for them to learn the core skills of the game which form the foundation of development to higher competitive levels.

At these age groups, a great emphasis is placed on learning the basic core skills of the game - passing, receiving, dribbling, shooting, ball mastery, etc.  The emphasis is heavily concentrated on individual player development through a supportive and teaching/learning environment.

Teach me to compete 11v11 U11-U18

As the club's young players head into the big field environment, the focus of development is to introduce competitive elements of the sport and more structured match play.  The emphasis remains on skills development and players, at this age group, are building on the core skills that were previously introduce.  In addition, more in-depth components of the game, including teamwork and tactics, are introduced and re-enforced.

Off-pitch physical conditioning, nutrition and lifestyle management are also introduced to establish a full, all-encompassing training curriculum crucial to a competitive players development.

East Coast Premier Soccer Academy

This phase represents an extremely small group of players who have the potential to advance their soccer careers at a higher level of development than is offered by the club program.

This program is focused on player development and caters to young players, both boys and girls, aged U9 through to U18.  This initiative is geared towards more dedicated and passionate players who are looking for advanced training with similarly talented players at one central location.

Junior Academy

The Junior Academy is designed to develop youth players who are eager to further develop their fundamental skills and expand their knowledge of the game.  Our teaching concept concentrates on improving individual skills through weekly technical sessions, including, but not limited to, Shooting, Dribbling, Passing techniques, etc.

Whatever the level of ability, our main focus is on having fun while learning and each session will allow the children to take on the roles and characters in a story themed training session.

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