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ECPS are delighted to have an official specialist affiliate, We will continue working together to improve all standards of the game in New Jersey and Pensylvannia.

For over 30 years, George Hobbins has established a wealth of knowledge and passion for the game of soccer with special emphasis on the Goalkeeper position.  This passion and drive has since spread to his son Neil, and together they are pleased to launch the new South Jersey Goalkeeping Academy, LLC.  The goal of South Jersey Goalkeeping Academy, LLC is to teach Goalkeepers of all ages and levels the proper technical and tactical approach to the position.  As coaches, George and Neil strive to bring the finest in Goalkeeper instruction to each individual player.  The position of Goalkeeper is considered one of the most important and ever changing positions on the soccer field.  George and Neil not only consider themselves coaches, but also students of the game.  When they are not on the training pitch, they spend their time attending high level Coaching Courses and Goalkeeper clinics in order to learn and stay up to date with new approaches to this specific position.  

As former Goalkeepers, George and Neil know the importance of coaching Keepers so that the player may become successful. No matter what the overall goal of the player is, the focus is always on them. Developing a Goalkeeper's confidence is vital at all stages of their career.  Training at South Jersey Goalkeeping Academy will focus on building and developing each individual Goalkeeper's fundamental ability.  At South Jersey Goalkeeping Academy, players will never be just trained.  Instead the main focus will be on educating the Keeper on the proper overall "tool-kit" needed to become successful, and from that education the Keeper will get the encouragement needed to perform at their top level.

South Jersey Goalkeeping Academy, LLC

Office Phone: (856) 232-856 Cell Phone: (856) 981-8825 Email: ghobbinsgk1@comcast.net

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